New Pump Product:
P215M-A Forest Fire Pump
This model belongs to portable ultra-light two-stage high-pressure fire pump. The two-stage pressurization structure with forced closed circuit specially designed in the pump part ensures the requirement of realizing high pressure. In the portable fire pump with similar weight in the same field of use, the maximum pressure is 2 Mpa and the theoretical lift is 200 meters. Maximum flow rate of 4 liters per second, when water truck is used for water supply, the number of round trip times when water truck is used for water supply can be reduced. In order to reduce the size and shape of the whole set of equipment, the engine and pump are designed as a whole. The crankshaft of the engine drives the impeller directly, which can effectively improve the shaft power and reduce the friction loss. Lightweight to 12 kg, full-featured, compact size is only 420 mm * 280 mm * 160 mm, with power generation function for external equipment charging and lighting, internal integration of transcendental electric start-up system, monitoring speed and pressure operation time function, all functions are centrally installed in the framework of omni-directional protection.
USD:$ 5650.00
LAOFENG [P215M-A] portable high-pressure fire pump was successfully developed and produced based on Changjie aeronautical power technology UAV engine platform. At the same time, after a series of strict tests, it was finalized and put into the fire protection market as an ultra light fire pump. The weight of the whole machine is only 12 kg, which is almost half that of the similar products in the industry. A water cooling circulation in a low-pressure balanced tube is adopted for the machine: small size, light weight, reliable heat dissipation and less power consumption.
  • Product weight:12kg;
  • Compulsory water cooling of low pressure balancing pipe;
  • Fully protected stainless steel frame, 360 degree protection;
P215M-A Pump Product Running video
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