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backpick fire pump

TW21-B-4D Backpack fire pump
The most reliable made in China

12kg,Win with light!
Forest mountain、One click Start、Forced water cooling

Maximum pressure

Maximum lift

Plane water conveyance

Ultimate endurance

Standardized configuration, as you can see.
Global unified shipping configuration standard.

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TW21Working condition curve of water pump
(the test conditions are strict and for reference only)
The above figure shows the working condition performance curve of p215m-a water pump. The test conditions are affected by many factors such as atmospheric pressure, humidity and ambient temperature. There may be differences between the measured value and the actual working parameters, please know.
Original factory (9-piece set) accessory Backpack
Select the necessary accessories, one is indispensable.

Each set of equipment includes standard accessory package
Each piece is strictly selected by the front-line actual combat, and is used in the form of component knapsack with the host set.


80C High power aeroengine
The core of miniaturization pump
Ten years manufacturing experience of small Aeroengine
Cross border composing innovation movement!
Horizontal layout of 80C Aeroengine
Realize the ultra-thin and miniaturization of pump body

Ceramic cylinder, 300hr high power test
forced water cooling of low pressure balance tube

Ten years of aero engine technology accumulation
Fully autonomous design and manufacturing

Integral aviation aluminum alloy, precision machining
CNC precision core components, strict assembly process

80C high-performance UAV Engine power assembly is adopted, with air-cooled and forced water-cooled composite heat dissipation, meeting the ultra-long continuous working time. The engine has been tested for more than 300hr high-speed uninterrupted operation, with a maximum speed of 9000 rpm and an output power of 10 horsepower. It has an engine overheating protection system.
80C horizontal engine, built-in high-intensity magnetic power generation system, can continuously output 14.5V and 60W stable voltage in the working process, ensure the power consumption of external equipment, and charge the starting battery, which is an outstanding progress brought by technical advantages.
The durability of 80C horizontal engine comes from the specially designed low-pressure balance tube water-cooling technology. The continuous water flow ensures that the engine does not suffer from cylinder pulling and temperature overload caused by overheating. This inherent advantage ensures that each pump has incomparable durability.
Forest mountain / High rise Building / Narrow street / Farm Manor
Mobile mountain fire fighting and field fire fighting

City Fire

Forest fire

Ancient building fire

Highland water transfer

Real core technology, sustainable development.
Truly independent patent technology, reliable made in China.

Independent design and development, to achieve the backpack high-power pump made in China.
Truly own core patent technology

Based on more than ten years of experience in UAV Engine Development and design, Changjie aero power has transplanted the miniaturization and high performance engine technology to the emergency fire pump product platform, realizing the complete independent design and manufacture of China's small knapsack water pump, ending the single situation of China relying solely on imported products in this field, and thoroughly improving the supply of dealers At the same time, it provides a solid technical support and strong supply response ability for the first-line emergency command and operation.

The demonstration video of P215M-A forest fire pump
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